Created Nov 06, 2008

G. H.

Life is a mystery.............and so am I! more

My favorite thing is being a Grandma.

I decided to change my bio since I have moved from my hundred six year old home.

I now live in an apartment with elderly and disabled. It is a very nice, quiet place, and the best part was being able to have my two old cats.

I am looking forward to Spring, already, because I will be able to put my hummingbirds feeders out again, and see if I will be able to gather any here. I loved sitting at my desk or table and watching them through the picture window. Now I have glass sliding doors twice as big! Lots of light to enjoy also.

I love being on the Vine. Have been here a little over a year, and have many wonderful friends! I love sharing in their lives and giving glimpses of mine.